Storage Buildings

Storage Buildings Augusta Ga.

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All of our storage buildings are constructed just like a house as far as wood dimensions.

  • Floor joist are 12" o.c.

  • Wall studs are 16" o.c.

  • Roof Trusses are 24" o.c.

  • Siding is usually 5/8 t1-11 unless otherwise specified.

  • Floor sheathing is 3/4 plywood or pt. plywood

  • Doors are hinged with 6' piano hinges or other

  • Doors themselves are constructed from the T1-11 so they match the building.

  • Building sits on 4"x 4"pt lumber.

  • We use solid cap blocks between the lumber and the ground.Shingles are used for shims.

  • Roof material is 7/16 OSB with ply clips.

  • Roof shingles are 20 year unless other are preferred.

  • We have ramps,lien-tu,shelves and landing,stairs for larger buildings. 

  • We also build Horse Barns also with the same structure listed for our buildings.

  • We do not paint the buildings you will need to hire for that.

8' Wide Storage Building

8'x 8'- $933.26

8' x 10' - $1166.00

8' x 12' - $1399.00

8'x 16"-$1866.00

10' Wide Buildings

10' x 10' - $1363.00

10' x 12'- $1635.00

10' x 14' - $1908.20

10' x 16' - $2180.00

storage buildings Augusta Ga

12'x 16' w/loft and Lien-tu

storage buildings Augusta Ga

16'x 16' w/4' knee wall

storage buildings Augusta Ga

16'x 16' w/4' knee wall

storage buildings Evans Ga

16'x 24' w/storage

storage buildings Evans Ga

This used as a painting studio.

storage buildings Evans Ga

16'x 16' w/loft and 6' walls

24'x 24' w/2nd floor - These can also be built
with wooden floors just like storage buildings.

Any garage style can be built for storage.
Cheaper price and fits any where you
have the available room.



horse barns Augusta Ga

16'x 24' w/loft Horse Barn

horse barns Augusta Ga


horse barns Augusta Ga

4x4pt. in 2ft deep concrete,16" o.c.