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door jam repairs 

Door rot is a very common problem in homes from the 1960's and early.
We installed new wood for the bottom plate over the threshold and side jams before installing the new door.
This home belongs to a real estate investor. I only work with investors that allow me to fix the repairs correctly.
This makes for a great home for the new renter later when the project is fixed.

Concrete Block Repair


This was a large project that we did for another investor. The concrete block had been installed okay but their mortar mix had not been mixed correctly. You can see the large cracks where the mortar had fallen out. After checking out the other side of the blocks under the house we determined that we could repair this by caulking the cracks and then placing stucco over the surface.

This is a great fix for many homes with this issue. Give us a call for a free estimate. 843-808-2226



Vinyl Siding Installation

This is(2018) what happens when you park to close the your home. The owners vehicle caught fire in the front yard and the heat got to the siding.
Vinyl siding installation stopped to the left of the double windows.


This house(2017) was built in the 1930's. It also belongs to a real estate investor.
The vinyl was installed over wood siding and it waved at you when you looked at it.
We reinstalled the vinyl that was still usable on this side of the house and removed most of the waves.

 Decks built  

The vinyl had not been pressure washed at this point. We replaced the back wall and installed new vinyl and a new deck on the back side of the house.

Gambrell Garage     

  Garages installed hip garage  

There are many different materials for siding. We have installed most of them over the years.
Above you will see some of our projects over the years that we have installed siding on. Most siding we install today is vinyl.

Wood Rot Repair

   door jam repairs 


Wood rot is very common if you don't keep up with maintenance of your home.
The photos above are just a small sample of some wood rot we have encountered over the last 2 years.

Below you will see some repairs that had wood rot and the repair after removal of wood rot.

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Sagging Floor Joist Rot Repair  Sagging Floor Joist Rot Repair