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Cad (computer-aided-design) design has been out since the 90's. There are some good programs and there are some that aren't so good.

The programs are no better than the user input. With that being said I have been in the construction industry building room additions, garages, storage buildings, and remodel jobs since 1980.

Everyone of these jobs have been created by a cad program. I started working with cad in the year 2000 and it has been improved at an incredible pace. Using cad lets the customer see their designs before there built.victorian house floor plans augusta, ga,simple house bungalow design augusta, ga,modern courtyard house plans augusta, ga,traditional house design augusta, ga,simple bungalow design augusta, ga,floor plans architect augusta, ga,architecture house design plans augusta, ga,courtyard house design augusta, ga,tudor house plans augusta, ga,architectural house plans augusta, ga,house building design plan augusta, ga

Yes, we can produce blue prints just like architects produce. Theirs no difference, but you need to have the knowledge to build them.

Cad offers so much more in terms of visual images. Our program produces 2D and 3D drawings.english cottage house plans augusta, ga,ad house plans augusta, ga,bungalow design plan augusta, ga,architect plan drawing augusta, ga, victorian house designs augusta, ga,modern prairie style homes augusta, ga,courtyard house plan augusta, ga,small butterfly roof house plans augusta, ga,

We can also produce video walk through of the project so you can get an actual feel of your new design.

From simple design to the more intricate and elaborate visions, we can handle the design.

Let's Go Over Some Important Facts

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Yes, this very important tool is a tape measure. Did you think I was going to show you some high tech gadget?

Every design starts with the proper measurements. Now if we're designing from scratch, measuring is not needed in the beginning.

One of the kool things about cad design is that you can make changes to your design and see different styles of an object in a matter of minutes.

Below we will show you how a simple design turns into a vision of beauty.

Let's Look at a Simple Bath Room Design

First lets start off with the floor plans and move forward.

These photos are for illustration purposes.
As you can see this simple design is not quite finished. No toilet or urinal of any kind.

Also no walls or rooms have been provided for these features at this time.

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Photo above is a basic floor plan.

Photo below has details of items in floor plan. At this stage of the plans it doesn't look like much at all.

For most individuals it would be pretty difficult to imagine what it will look like when finished.

Some individuals probably wouldn't have any issues at all with this floor plan.home architecture plan augusta, ga,architectural digest house plans augusta, ga,architectural house plans for sale augusta, ga,midcentury modern house plan augusta, ga,traditional colonial house plans augusta, ga,frank lloyd wright usonian house plans augusta, ga,architects near me for house plans augusta, ga,small victorian house plans augusta, ga,architecture drawing house plan augusta, ga,frank lloyd wright blueprints augusta, ga,traditional japanese house plan augusta, ga

But would you want to pay out around $1,000.00 for this drawing?

This has been the norm for many years and is still being practiced, especially in the commercial market.


Modern Wonders of Cad programs

I'm sure most of you have heard and are fairly familiar with the term. Cad has come a long ways since the early 90's.

So let's look at more illustrations of what this simple plan can look like at it's best.

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Now that looks pretty good. You can see the items listed in the detail layout very well.

This is a much better view than looking at a lot of lines with numbers.

Let's push this design a little farther and see what happens.

First lets look at another camera angle.

This view shows you the steam room, shower and tub area. You can clearly make out the objects in the room and understand where the $1,000 price originated.

Let's push this photo one step farther.

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The photo below shows reflections in the mirror and on the glass walls of the 2 rooms.

The detail on the tile and benches are just like the real product.

This photo looks almost like a photo has been taken of this room. I can guarantee you this room has not been built.

This reflects how far cad programs have come in the last 20 years.prairie style home plans augusta, ga,french country house design augusta, ga,victorian style house plans augusta, ga,small spanish style house plans augusta, ga,victorian cottage house plans augusta, ga,modern barn house designs augusta, ga,villa architecture plan augusta, ga,modern victorian house plans augusta, ga,modern style house plans augusta, ga,duplex architectural design augusta, ga,residential building design plans augusta, ga

Please look at the tub on the right in the photo above and then look at it again in the photo below.

Quite a difference, wouldn't you agree?


Lets look at the rest of the room.

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Architecture Design floor plans Augusta, Ga

The process used here has a blur effect that makes objects far away look more realistic.

I hope this illustration of cad performance and designs has given you a new outlook on what can be achieved in today's computer era.

Cad designs are very inexpensive and you get 10 times more product than from architects at $250.00-$400.00 per hr.

All of the photos being displayed are from our customers wanting the photo built at their home.

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Let Us Build Your Dream Home Today!

What we include with your floor plan;

  • Foundation Plans

  • Detail of plans for permits for your area

  • Floor plan for every level of design

  • Schedules for:










  • Plans showing Electrical installation, Plumbing, HVAC, and Insulation

  • Material List

  • 2D and 3D renderings

Also, while the design is being built we give you alternative options to choose from.

For example, different floors, wall colors, lighting, moldings, etc. With no extra charge. When there is a charge it's very nominal hourly fee.

We also offer room designs as well. The same as Interior design and this is offered to anyone anywhere ONLINE ONLY.

If you have made it this far, let me offer a word of advice. I have 42 years of construction experience and 22 years of building architectural designs. Many CAD designers have no experience at all, they just know how to operate the program. "Fake it till they make it "I believe is the slogan for this new era of adults. So please when your thinking about having some designs built check out the persons experience in the field. This way you want lose any money.

Check back regularly for more design ideas.

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